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Our office will reopen on May 4, 2020.

Our scheduling staff will call the patients or parents to schedule your appointment. There are new guidelines that you will need to review. We remained partially opened to respond to emergency and triage during the stay-at-home order following state and local guidelines. We will be contacting you to update your appointments under continued “social-distancing” guidelines to keep the coronavirus from spreading and we appreciate your help and patience in accomplishing this.

These new guidelines are provided by The American Dental Association; The American Association of Orthodontists; Ohio Dept. of Health; and OSHA as we are quite sure some protocols will change over time.

As I said previously, I have the greatest patients; parents; staff; and wife on the planet! I love every one of you and do not want any of you to get sick or hurt due to this pandemic. This crisis has taken its toll on everyone in some way. But, we are all in this together and will get to the end of this crisis with each of us doing our parts. If anyone has questions please feel free to call us. We’re still here to help in any way we can and thank you for your patience and understanding.

Dr. Roy Scott