What is a Dental Impression?

A digital impression produces a model of your teeth used to create your braces – the same as the typical alginate dental impression However, there are significant differences and benefits to you.

Doctor Scott uses a special intra-oral camera from Carestream to take multiple images using visible light instantaneously creating a 3D model. The resulting computer model is extremely accurate. From this model, Doctor Scott can create your treatment plan from start to finish. This 3D model is also used to create a physical model of your teeth which is used to create your retainers.

All of the steps required from impression, to braces, to retainer are carried out right here at Doctor Scott’s office. This saves time and costs while providing our patients comfort and reduced treatment time.

Let’s see how the DIGITAL IMPRESSION is actually taken. Click the button below to watch how we scan your teeth with the Carestream Intra-Oral camera.

Our state of the art 3D imaging and printing technology provides…

  • Greater patient comfort
  • Reduced treatment time
  • Lower treatment costs
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